The Top 3 Most Generous Countries in the World


If there is one thing that should give everyone hope, it would be the knowledge that altruism and the spirit of generosity lives on. And it seems that some nations are home to some of the most giving people in the world. Here are some of the world’s generous countries according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s 2016 World Giving Index report using data from Gallup.

Myanmar is ranked the world’s most generous country for 2016. It is the third time the country finds itself on top of the rankings. The practice of Buddhism and its beliefs and traditions is believed to have a strong influence in shaping a culture of giving.

United States
Home to many NGOs and international humanitarian and aid organizations, the United States remains to be one of the most giving countries in the world. There is also a strong sense of volunteerism as well as individual acts of kindness to people in need.

Giving in Australia where the spirit of fairness thrives takes on many forms. But the significant number of the country’s people donating to charities is one of its most notable things when it comes to giving.