June 2018


When we use the spotting scopes from Outdoor Optics for digiscoping, we try to take good shots of our subjects, right? We try to hide the blemished or unwanted backgrounds, we correct the angle, and we zoom in to take a good and clear shot. Well, using a spotting scope is just like living in this world full of imperfect people. And for some of us, dealing with annoying and demanding people can make us say, “I’ve had enough!” But the planet needs more kindness than ever before. The world needs more patience and positivity. So why don’t we try to spot the good rather than the bad?

Here are some ways you can try to do that.

  1. Examine the good qualities of the person.Vortex-Optics-Razor-Hd-27-60-x-85-Angled-1

Whether he was good now or he is good until today, it’s best to try and adjust your lens to what is positive about that person. Looking at others’ mistake is too mainstream. Everyone can do that. But not everyone can find the good in a person who has been deemed bad by everybody around him. It’s just like taking a photo of a bird—you concentrate on the good qualities and angles, and not the bad ones. Sometimes, when people see that there are others who can see the good in them, they become embarrassed, but sometimes, that scenario makes them want to change. Give those people the hope they need to alter their ways and become better individuals. Compliment them if they did a great job. Praise them if they went beyond their ways to show kindness. Commend their ideas. Be the inspiration they need.

  1. Remember that you’re not perfect too.

ladyWe all make mistakes. But the good news is everyday we’re given another chance to live a better life, to be the better version of us compared to yesterday. If you see others’ errors, don’t laugh at them or get angry immediately. First, understand their situation. Next, remind yourself that you make mistakes too, and you wouldn’t want others to laugh or get angry at you instantly. No one is perfect, but we can always make better versions of ourselves. Nature has given us a reset button that we don’t have to press all the time. The resetting is natural, implying that one of the reasons why we live is because we need to make this life worthwhile, be the individuals we were meant to be, and be a blessing to others.